Half-Price Individual Consultation with Family Mediator Caroline Felstiner

Starting a separation or divorce can be scary. Finding a professional you can trust is essential.

Talk to me before settling on a course of action. Your first face-to-face consultation will be half-price.

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I am Caroline Felstiner and I am an accredited Family Mediator, a Collaborative Family Professional and a Registered Social Worker. Throughout my career I have worked with parents and children but when I went through my own separation, I learned first-hand the benefits and the long-term potential of a solution-focused process. A number of years ago I became a family mediator in order to help parents and their children come through a divorce without the destruction or devastation of a protracted battle.

During mediation I work with parents individually and jointly to discuss and to resolve disagreements over where to live, how children are cared for, parenting schedules, and custody issues. Together we create the foundation for you to move forward as parents in separate homes. This includes anticipating future conflicts and having guidelines on how to resolve them.

In addition to providing mediation services, I work within the Collaborative Family Law process facilitating parent/lawyer meetings, keeping separating parents focused on their children’s needs, and managing the range of emotions that tend to surface during discussions or negotiations

Through all our discussions, I will help you to identify and articulate your priorities and concerns making your parenting plan personal, clear and lasting. My goal is to ensure you have a balanced, realistic and comprehensive roadmap for your parenting life in the years after divorce.

I can help you reach your goal of a meaningful life after divorce.

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Caroline is easy to talk to, honest and intelligent. She has a great depth of experience and can provide you with practical advice and useful support.

During this period of distress and transition, Caroline provides the opportunity to have the difficult conversations needed to ensure that parents’ relationships with their children are protected and that the reorganized family may thrive.