Free Talk Therapy Consultation with Suzanne Dennison RP, DCS

If you are uncertain about anything then call for a free 20 minute initial phone consultation. You might be surprised where it can take you.

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Suzanne Dennison is a Registered Psychotherapist and has assisted individuals, couples and families facing various challenges for over 20 years. Approachable, compassionate yet direct when needed she brings a wide range of clinical experience to her work.

Whether it is the everyday complications of life and family, peer pressure, a move away, a change, relationship issues or dealing with stress and/or a diagnosis (anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD) Suzanne will meet with you, hear your concerns and support you to better understand, address and resolve whatever you are struggling with.

Together you will determine what the issues are and how best to move forward. Her role is to assist you to look at your world realistically. To increase your awareness and understanding, find your own voice and enhance your personal resilience. Using mindfulness and talk therapy as key, Suzanne will help you look at and change what you can and let go of or better manage what you cannot.

An MA Psych level trained at UT – ICS/OISE, Suzanne is skilled in a number of therapeutic approaches including CBT, Mindfulness, Gestalt, Emotion Focused and Interpersonal Therapy. She is a published Wiley author and recognized “expert witness” in Individual/Family Therapy by the courts. She is also a member/affiliate of the ACT, the APA and a Certified member with and a Board Director of the OACCPP.

Referrals are welcomed and covered by most insurers. Sessions by appointment only. If you are uncertain about anything then call for a free 20 minute initial phone consultation.

Angels Endorsement

Suzanne has worked with many young adults both independently and as part of her family practice. She understands the value of recognizing what is happening inside and being able to express this to others. She knows the importance of being listened to and being heard when it counts and that this is not always easy to do on our own.

Hearing and understanding the issues in a non-judgemental way is key to Suzanne’s ability to assist and support you to look at yourself and your relationships clearly. Her role is to help you make your own choices and then to work with you to live well with whatever you decide.