Free Initial Consultation with Family Law Lawyer Paul K.Steckley

Paul K. Steckley offers Divorce Angels users a free initial consultation up to one hour. to allow the client to meet with him and decide if they feel comfortable allowing him to assist them.

This does not include any review of documentation or the provision of legal advice specific to their situation, but will provide them with a general overview of the Collaborative Process so they can understand its benefits and make an informed decision about whether the Collaborative Process is right for them.

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I graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Classical Studies in 1994, and from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University with a Bachelor of Laws in 1997. I was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2000 and have practiced law on a full-time basis ever since.

My practice has, since 2000, been mainly restricted to family law, as well as some wills and estates work. I am a member of the Peel Halton Collaborative group. I have a great deal of experience in all types of family law matters. My goal generally in all my files is to negotiate a favourable settlement on behalf of my clients, and I have been very successful in doing so throughout my career. The vast majority of my cases have settled, sometimes early in the proceedings, or even without the need to involve the Courts. This is a boon for the parties involved as they save themselves the expense (both monetary and emotional) of being involved in a lengthy Court proceeding.

I offer unbundled services for certain matters, please contact me to discuss this as an option.

Angels Endorsement

Paul understands that divorce is very difficult time both emotionally and financially.

He cares about his clients and what they are going through, and really helps them to navigate the options that they have towards resolution so that they can move on with their life.

His approach is to try settle in a non-adversarial way as to avoid court. However, If an agreement cannot be reached during the traditional negotiation process, then taking the matter to court is the last resort.

Paul also practices Collaborative Family Law to help settlement-oriented couples who want to avoid the devastating impact of going to court. He helps couples move forward, especially if there are children involved. He believes people owe it to their children to work out an amicable settlement with their former spouse.

Paul is an experienced family lawyer and his ultimate goal is to help his clients make proper choices to successfully navigate the process.