Free download of Visual Mediation Tool

Lisa provides many visual tools for her clients to ensure they are supported through the process. Preparing Emotionally to Separate is one that is extremely helpful for understanding what you’re going through, which can feel like a roller coaster ride. You can download a free copy at

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Divorce doesn’t have to be a long and unnecessarily painful process.
You can solve the issues, move on… and come out stronger after it all.

Choosing a good mediator is the first step.

When Lisa went through her own divorce in 2013, she made a BIG mistake. She blindly accepted recommendations from her lawyer about which mediator to use and ended up spending a painful amount of time and money on mediation that was poorly run.

Lisa had been a professional visual facilitator for over eight years. As someone with expertise in well-run meeting dialogue, she wondered how a regulated process could be so lacking. It was obvious to her that if she and her ex could have been able to see and actively work with their own information during mediation, they’d have saved a ton of pain.

So, Lisa decided to become a certified mediator herself because she wants you to have the greatest possible chance to come to agreement.

Lisa blends visual facilitation skills with mediation, to offer you (and your lawyers if you choose to have them there) a better way to communicate when solving separation issues. Her approach is for people like you, who want to feel empowered to make the best decisions for yourself and for your family. When you're under stress and making life-changing decisions, you'll be able to listen, think, understand and remember better when you can see the information in front of you.

Lisa also speaks at dispute resolution conferences and teaches visual communication skills to other mediators (

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We believe Lisa will help you explore every possible path towards a positive outcome.

She’s focused on one thing – serving you while you get through one of the most difficult times of your life. She knows how hard divorce can be, and how important it is to handle things in a way that preserves the relationship you will need as a basis for co-parenting afterwards.

Lisa’s blog ( offers answers to many of the questions you’re probably asking yourself:

- Is mediation right for my situation?
- How do I invite my ex to participate in mediation?
- Do I need to bring a lawyer to mediation?
- What can I expect in pre-mediation?
- How should I prepare for mediation?
- How can I stay calm, cool and collected on mediation day?
- How can I get the most out of independent legal advice after mediation?

Lisa will work with you face-to-face in her dedicated meeting space located at her home office in Victoria, BC and in select circumstances, she can work virtually.