Free Copy of “May the Healing Begin” for every Divorce Angels client connecting with therapist Richard Rapoport

With the generous permission of the author, I would be very pleased to offer to you a copy of Dr. Walter Doyle Staple’s Book “May the Healing Begin” (en francais: Le Chemin de L’Autoguérison), a book that has had a profound influence on many of my clients as well as with military personnel with whom I worked with in the Canadian Armed Forces. Originally published by Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services, the experience of reading Dr. Doyle’s book is like that of having a conversation with a good friend – one that has reaped wisdom from  suffering and has risen above and beyond his travails.

The book covers interesting reflections on Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy as well as delving deeply, simply and powerfully into spiritual and philosophical aspects of our relation with ourselves, with others, and the world.

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Richard has over 30 years of clinical experience and intensive post-graduate training: with the Sex and Couple Therapy Unit, Psychology Department, McGill University Health Centre for over twenty years; a three-year program in Human Sexuality with the Faculty of Medicine, Laval University in Quebec City; and a two-year training in couple and family therapy with the Family Treatment Institute in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Some of his reputation may likely come from his 12-year stint as a Couple and Sex Counsellor/ Psychotherapist on CJAD Montreal (and CFRB in Toronto), and he was recently asked to return to the Canadian Armed Forces to train Clinical Directors in treating the impact of PTSD (Operational Stress) and trauma on emotional and physical intimacy and on Member’s couple and sexual lives.

He also previously  trained professionally as an actor in the U.K., working there and in Israel and the United States. This reflects his personality which has been described as warm, engaging, exciting, stimulating, articulate, passionate, intelligent and humorous – all to say that he can decidedly connect with others - in the service of realizing important clinical objectives together.

Richard is respected by his colleagues – who have often referred to him as a resource of last resort. Not the last on their list but meaning, that he effectively uses a variety of evidence-based techniques to useful and tangible effect, even in more challenging situations.

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As an individual, Richard is seen as an open, receptive and non-judgmental person.

From a very young age, his interest in others, and his compassionate, empathic nature translated into being a peer counsellor, starting at the age of 16, assisting children and adolescents experiencing scholastic, personal or family difficulties.

Richard continues to enhance his clinical competency with an emphasis, amongst other approaches, on assisting clients on “How to Suffer More Effectively”, by working with self-compassion and mindfulness skills, with emotional self-regulation and distress tolerance techniques through Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Other approaches include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which he has used as a powerful tool for over 22 years, in assisting client’s to overcome the impact of previous experiences – be they traumatic or a mild slight – which has left a negative impact and some on-going or underlying negative influence on the client’s or couple’s well-being capacity to perform or function in a particular role in their lives.

Richard’s approach towards sexuality is not to see the situation so much as simply a “plumbing problem” – but as that related to the depth, meaning, power and potential in intimate human-inter-relatedness.

His warm, engaging and intelligent personality is why he is so successful in connecting with his clients and helping them to overcome their challenges so that they can move forward in their lives.