Free Consultation with Family Mediator

Divorce Angels users receive a free half hour consultation with family mediator Dominique Panko.

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Dominique Panko provides mediation services specifically for family separations and divorces. As a full-service mediator, Dominique can also assist with your court forms and finalizing all the little details meaning that you will never have to feel like you’re being shuffled around without consistent support or doing this alone. She takes an educational and transformative approach; recognizing that divorce is not the end. Your family is still a family.

Part of mediation will be learning new skills and figuring out how your family will look going into the future. Topics often covered in mediation are things like parenting, child and spousal support, property division, how the process works, and more. Because Panko Collaborative Law and Mediation is also a law firm, you can trust that the information you’re receiving is current and accurate. If you have a question that Dominique cannot answer, she will be able to find someone with the answer for you. Dominique is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada and holds a Qualified Mediator designation.

Dominique works with all types of families and emphasizes a future focus with all her clients. This life transition is uncomfortable but with the right people there to support you, you can have a result that really is the best for everyone involved

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To Dominique Panko, family is the number one priority and coming from a family of 11, she knows that doesn’t always mean making good decisions is easy. Her goal is to help, knowing that divorce or separation is never going to be easy. Dominique takes a supportive role for her clients but remains neutral and focused on what will be the best for your family as a whole, not who was right or wrong. Because this transition has a legal component, it is important for couples to work with a mediator able to provide legal information.

Dominique has a working knowledge of current legislation and can help you understand what the law is saying while still not giving legal advice so that you can have full autonomy to make decisions that are right for you. By working together, being informed, and learning new communication skills, your family will be able to come through with an agreement you can be happy with and proud of. It is never to late to mediate, no family is too far gone and even the most high conflict couples will benefit from working with a competent mediator.

Dominique Panko takes a common-sense approach to legal matters and hopes you will too.