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Call Perron & Partners today for a free consultation on your high-net worth portfolio! If they think they will be able to help you, they can do a complementary review of your current holdings.

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Perron & Partners is an independent investment management and wealth advisory firm providing objective and customized financial advice to high net worth individuals, families, professionals and business owners, corporations and foundations.  They have over 160 years of experience amongst their staff, with three Chartered Investment Managers, six Chartered Financial Analysts, and a Family Enterprise Advisor.

We deliver quality wealth management solutions through thoughtful planning, consistent process and excellent customized service. We create a roadmap for our clients to help reduce their financial burden and bring them peace of mind. As a result of our track record, integrity and expertise, we have earned the respect and admiration of the financial community.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in following a consistent process when investing for our clients. For the past 25 years in the business, our investment philosophy has been refined to:

  • Determining the client’s optimal asset mix
  •  Finding the best risk adjusted rate of returns · Buying companies with expected dividend and earnings growth
  • Buying low price to earnings (P/E) and high return on equity (ROE) companies
  • Adding value by hiring specialty portfolio managers (best in industry/asset class)

Our Advantage

We provide value through independence:

1. Open Architecture

· We determine the asset allocation strategy and partner with the best in industry professionals to help manage your portfolio

2. True Independence

· Helps to removes the biases and cross-sell incentives from the other business units

3. Execution

· Our proven investment style, along with our ability to deal with multiple desks that compete for our/your business, allows for competitive execution

4. Quality Service

· Our team has over 160 years of experience

· We aim to have no more that 10-20 households per employee

· During business hours, your call will be answered


Angels Endorsement

While their business is new in form (they are now an independent shop), the core investment team at Perron & Partners has been working with families for over 40 years. There has naturally been instances of Divorce, and they have continued to work with each of the spouses on an individual basis.

They place a great focus on educating their clients on the investments that they own. They want to ensure that the client feels comfortable with their holdings and asset allocation. In their experience, when a family splits, there is usually just one person taking care of the finances. The second person often feels lost and is unsure of the new responsibility that they have to take care of their own finances.

They have experience in walking clients through this process. Further, they have a comprehensive wealth management platform, to help you think about the wealth transfer process down the road. They have estate planning checklists and are also able to help with a financial plan.

Perron & Partners values collaboration, respect, an open/approachable attitude, and positivity. They also have compassion and patience for clients dealing with a change in their lives

Through innovation and independence, they are focused on providing unbiased investment services driven by client priorities and their lifestyle goals.