Free initial 30 minute telephone or skype/facetime consultation with therapist Vivianne Bentley

Vivianne offers all Divorce Angels clients a free 30 minute telephone or skype/facetime consultation for first time clients.

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Vivianne Bentley Ph.D., OPQ is a Licensed Psychologist and Coach offering a holistic and integrative approach to emotional health and wellbeing. Vivianne offers private sessions, as well as leads women circles in the area of feminine empowerment, sexuality, relationships and creativity. Telephone and skype sessions can be arranged for your convenience.

Vivianne graduated from Concordia University with Ph.D. in Psychology. She has complemented her education with the study of mind-body practices such as focusing, meditation, sacred sexuality, and therapeutic body movement.

She has trained extensively in the area of trauma and researched its effects on the body, mind and spirit. Vivianne uses Tapping, EMDR as well as other somatic methods e.g. body dialogue, to facilitate the release of emotional and physical pain. She also has extensive training in the area of feminine empowerment and the art of relating. Vivianne is also a certified Dream Coach and holds a Nia White Belt.

Vivianne appreciates that while we can all experience difficulties in our lives, the way these can manifest for each person is unique. Vivianne takes a collaborative approach and works closely with her clients to ensure that she finds the best methods that suits their needs.

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Vivianne has extensive experience working with couples and individuals, supporting them through relationship and intimacy difficulties as well as navigating the tricky terrain of marital infidelity. She has competed a training in non-violent communication which is a communication method which empowers individuals to relate to others in ways that reduces angry outbursts, blame and judgement which are often causes of relationship conflicts.

For Viviane, transitions such as a divorce, while being difficult to navigate, also hold incredible potential for growth and opportunity to create a more loving and vibrant life.

Vivianne has been through a divorce herself and has experienced firsthand some of the challenges and the opportunities a divorce can bring. Folllowing her own divorce she went on a quest to truly know and understand who she was. Identify what her core values were and develop skills to relate to others in a healthier and more loving way.

She believes that the more we can love, appreciate, connect and care for our true selves the easier it is then to create loving lasting relationship with others. After all, when we know and love ourselves, we are less likely to abandon ourselves for another. We are more likely to learn how to set healthy boundaries and take responsibility to communicate in ways that are constructive rather than destructive.

Her passion is in helping others to create a healthy relationship both with themselves and others.