Free 30 Minute Telephone Conversation with Family Mediator

Neelam offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation for any clients that are referred by the Divorce Angels.

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Simple Solutions Mediation Ltd was founded by Neelam Dhall; a CPA, CA and AccFM with over 20 years of experience in Finance and Contract Negotiation.  She is well-versed in the complexities of separation/divorce, from dealing with parenting plans to dealing with the financial aspects of divorce, to navigating the complexities of the family court system.

What sets Neelam Apart?

Neelam is well-respected for her compassionate, calm approach and her eye for detail.  She has an exceptional ability to provide clarity and direction in a supportive, comfortable and neutral environment, whether in her divorce coaching practice or her mediation practice.  Neelam's financial background enables her to mediate your divorce-related financial issues in a highly effective manner.  Her ability to mediate all matters in a divorce allows you to resolve your issues efficiently and cost-effectively with one person.

For those seeking a divorce coach, Neelam’s personal and professional experience allow her to support you through the challenges you are facing, with a calm, objective, knowledgeable, strategic approach. She provides invaluable insight into your current situation and your options moving forward.

Having been through her own divorce, she understands the turmoil and stress that are brought on by divorce. She understands the complexities and emotions involved in creating parenting plans and dealing with the financial implications of divorce. She is passionate about helping families resolve their disputes in a less stressful and less costly manner and finds it very rewarding to help her clients restore peace in their lives.

Angels Endorsement

Neelam is calm, warm, easy to talk to and non-judgemental. She will make you feel at ease during a very difficult period in your life. She has a wealth of experience, both personally and professionally, that allow her to provide extremely valuable guidance and direction, and help you resolve your conflict(s) efficiently and cost-effectively, with less stress. Having been trained as a chartered accountant, she is highly skilled at dealing with the financial aspects of divorce and negotiating settlements that are fair and acceptable to both parties. Her skills are put to good use in both her divorce coaching business as well as her mediation business.

Neelam cares about her clients. Her passion for helping them resolve, move forward and find peace in their lives, is highly evident in the way she deals with them. Neelam strongly believes in helping families avoid the court system, and instead, stay in control of the decisions made about their future and their children’s future.

With a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Professional Accountant designation in addition to being an Accredited Family Mediator with the OAFM, Neelam has a unique skill set that enables her to mediate all divorce-related issues, from parenting to finances. Her breadth of knowledge shines through in the agreements she helps her clients achieve. Neelam is committed to helping her clients control their divorce-related costs and helping them restore peace in their lives.