Free 30 minute phone consultation, 10% off Tax Preparation Services

Divorce Angels users can book a free, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation with Personal Tax Advisors to discuss financial or tax issues.

Divorce Angels discount: Mention Divorce Angels and get 10% off tax preparation services.

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Personal Tax Advisors provides Canadians with tax preparation, bookkeeping and tax guidance services for individuals and incorporated businesses .

Their mission is to make personalized, experienced tax advice available to everyone.

CEO Sunny Widerman is a tax advisor who has prepared over 1,000 income tax returns since 2002. She also has a bachelor's degree in science and a gift for the ukulele.


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Divorce is a turning point in a life, and it often leaves people at a loss and seeking guidance. If your finances were always 'taken care of' by someone else, you may be starting from scratch in understanding your tax picture. Moreover, as a newly-divorced person, possibly with dependent children, you likely find yourself in a situation you've never been in before.

Personal Tax Advisors specializes in helping its clients make informed decisions about their taxes and finances. Using a non-judgemental, jargon-free approach, they focus on giving clients the knowledge, attention and care they need, and finding personalized solutions that provide the best outcomes in the short and long term.

It's not enough to get your taxes right; they've got to be right for you. That's why they never consider a return 'finished' until both you and the Canada Revenue Agency are satisfied. Personal Tax Advisors helps you understand your tax picture and plan intelligently for the future you deserve.