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I am a licensed psychotherapist and licensed couple and family therapist who has worked with adults, couples and families for over 15 years. I am also a certified clinical supervisor for couple and family therapists in training.

My approach to psychotherapy draws from different therapeutic models including cognitive behavioural interventions and emotion-focused work.

I am a member of the following professional orders and organizations:

  • American Association of Marital and Family Therapy (AAMFT) – Clinical Member and Supervisor
  • Order of Social Work and Couple and Family Therapists of Quebec (OTSTCFQ) – Marital and Family Therapist (MFT)
  • Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) – Psychotherapist

I help individuals through the process of separation and divorce and the very complex emotions and stress that they may experience. I also help people in their divorce recovery and the adaptation to life after divorce, including blended families.

People with children are often very concerned about the effect of the divorce on the well-being of their children. I can offer support and strategies to parents to help them with parenting challenges and to help their children through their own emotional reactions to the divorce experience.

As a couple therapist I coach couples who are invested in having a "good divorce" and help them through the different stages from how to tell the children, healthy co-parenting, to incorporating new partners into their lives. My emotion focused work can help people sort through any intense emotions that may hinder their ability to achieve a good co-parenting relationship with their ex.

I also help couples in blended families who are having difficulties parenting their children or feeling the strain of step-coupling on their relationship. Divorce is a very stressful life experience that may impact mood, health and sleep. I also have expertise in helping people overcome insomnia.


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Lisa is a client-centered therapist, meaning she has an accepting, non-judgmental and collaborative approach to her work with her clients.

Her personal warmth and respect help her clients feel at ease sharing their struggles and feelings. She also does not shy away from humour as she believes it to be a necessary component of health and emotional well-being.

Lisa is dedicated to helping people through the process of separation and divorce and finding a sense of peace again. While she is a qualified and experienced divorce therapist, Lisa also has personally been in the trenches of divorce! Understanding this challenging life transition, Lisa can help you move beyond any feelings of resentment or failure and help you regain your self-confidence as an individual and a parent.

She believes that, regardless of the circumstances, every divorce involves some kind of loss and needs to be dealt with appropriately in order to avoid future difficulties with health and relationships. Anger is often an easy emotion to access during a divorce, but Lisa believes that anger is often covering up more difficult and painful emotions that people want to avoid feeling. She can help you sort through those feelings so that anger won't hurt your relationships, your parenting abilities and your co-parenting.

While Lisa has an academic background in child development and parenting, she is also a step-mother and a mother and understands the challenges of parenting through a seperation and divorce, as a single parent, and within a blended family. Lisa is one of the only therapists in Montreal who specializes in coaching for step-mothers and she feels passionately about helping this often misunderstood population that generally lacks appropriate support.