Free 30 minute consultation with Catherine Elizabeth Fox

Catherine offers Divorce Angels users a 30 minute free consultation either in person or over the telephone.

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As a family law practitioner of 28 years, I have all too often seen the havoc wrought by marriage breakdown.

By focusing upon solutions and by utilizing my compassionate listening skills, I assist clients in pursuing non-adversarial solutions, thereby allowing them to avoid the financial and emotional cost of prolonged conflict, all while protecting their integrity, their self-respect, their children and their assets.

My experience as both a mediator and as a Dispute Resolution Officer allows me to assist clients in identifying what is most important to them in the long term. I was an early adopter of the collaborative law model and work to encourage and facilitate communication in order to reach an agreement which serves the interests of both my client and the entire family.

In instances where agreement is not possible, I advise my clients of the best method of approaching the Court for resolution. Although for most clients, approaching the Court for a solution should not be the first recourse, it is in some instances, the best or only recourse.

I am fully experienced in the areas of Divorce, Child Custody, Separation, Child and Spousal Support, division of property, both for married and common law individuals and I also practice as a mediator.

Angels Endorsement

Catherine treats you with the respect you deserve. She strives to provide the best representation possible while keeping an eye on your bottom line.

No one wants to spend more money than they must and Catherine involves you in the progression of your matter every step of the way, thereby saving her time and saving you money.

You can count on Catherine to provide you with the widest array of alternative dispute resolution possibilities including: simple negotiation between counsel, 4-way meetings, mediation, both lawyer assisted or clients only, mediation/arbitration, judicial dispute resolution and binding judicial dispute resolution. “Going to Court” is seldom the only solution.

The issues arising in relationship breakdown are some of the most stressful a person will deal with in their entire lives. It is imperative that you have a family law lawyer that not only knows the law, but listens with compassion and empathy to your needs.

Catherine will always be honest with you; she will never just tell you what you want to hear and will never give you false expectations. Her commitment is to her clients in finding the appropriate resolution for them and their family breakdown problems.