Free 30 Minute Consultaion with Life Coach Leanne Townsend

Leanne provides Divorce Angels users with a free 30 minute consultation over the phone, skype or email.  She would love to chat about how you can work together to create the life you desire.

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Leanne is an experienced and skilled lawyer in both Family and Criminal Law. Her compassionate and caring demeanor immediately puts clients at ease. Leanne is both a tough negotiator and fearless litigator, but she is also approachable, an effective listener, and a strong advocate for her clients inside and outside the court room. She has extensive experience working in the area of domestic violence and child abuse, and is able to offer effective advocacy for both victims and offenders. Her services include both negotiating, and if necessary litigating, all family law matters, and to ensure legal services are accessible, Leanne accepts legal aid.

In addition to her legal services, Leanne also offers life coaching which can be included as part of hiring her as your lawyer, or as a separate service to help you move forward following separation or divorce. She approaches all of her clients from a holistic perspective, and her background in both law and coaching means that she offers multifaceted support to her clients that is somewhat unique in the current marketplace.

Leanne is regularly asked to comment on legal events in the media and is a contributor to a number of publications including The Lawyers Daily and Village Living Magazine. In addition, Leanne has been a guest expert on domestic violence on Global News Radio 640.

Leanne’s professional skills and multi-disciplined experience provide a rare combination of talent, compassion and practical solutions for clients.

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Leanne provides a unique and much needed service in the divorce marketplace by offering both legal service and life coaching.

Her background in both these areas means that she understands the divorce process from a multidimensional perspective. She understands the cold, hard legal realities, but she is also fully aware of the emotional toll that divorce has on clients and she is ably qualified to support clients in both spheres.

Leanne is very compassionate and resolution oriented in her approach, but where resolution is not possible, her significant trial experience means that she is a fearless litigator and adversary in the courtroom.

Her expertise in domestic violence, that was gained through her years as the lead Domestic Violence prosecutor in the Crown Attorney’s Office, provides her with special skills in advocating for clients who are in abusive relationships. She understands the power dynamics that go on in these relationships and is skilled at maneuvering through the issues that arise in these complicated situations.

If you need a lawyer or coach who is equally compassionate and fierce, Leanne is the right fit for you.