Free 30-min consultation with Sanja Curic – Collaborative Family Law Lawyer

Sanja will provide a free 30 minute information consultation regarding process options to all clients from the Divorce Angels network.

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Sanja has been practicing family law exclusively for 14 years and is collaboratively trained.

Sanja believes that the Collaborative Process is the first choice for the majority of people dealing with separation, divorce or returning to change the terms of pervious orders or agreements.

She is the Chair of York Collaborative Practice, Board Member of Collaborative Practice Durham Region, and member of Collaborative Practice Toronto, York Region Law Association and the Law Society of Upper Canada.

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Sanja believes that, with the right information and support, people will make the right decision for themselves and their family.

She ensures that her clients know and understand their options and together they create solutions that best suit their situation and family's needs.

Sanja supports her clients in balancing the need to manage the emotional struggles of a separation and divorce, while also using logical and practical approaches to guide them towards achieving timely, cost-effective and successful results.

In her Collaborative Law practice, Sanja works with clients to move through the initial chaos and uncertainty of a separation toward closure and a final resolution of the parenting, child and spousal support and property issues.