Free Initial 15 minute Telephone Conversation with Mary Krauel, Family Mediator followed by One Hour free after engagement.

The first step is the hardest. I know. I offer a free 15 minute telephone conversation to get you started.

After the initial consultation if you place your trust in me and engage my services, to show my commitment to you I will offer every Divorce Angel user one hour off their invoice.

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Cert. Advanced Conflict Resolution, Cert. Strategic Change
Member of OAFM and ADR Institute of Ontario

Neutral Third Party – Calming Presence – Strategic Plan – Creative Solutions – Cost Effective

As owner of PRM Mediation, Mary is Changing Conflict Into Opportunity™ with her step-by-step strategic mediation model that empowers decision makers and focuses on resolution. She brings smart financial decisions to your divorce while maximizing your net worth, putting your children first with family-centric co-parenting plans, reducing time and stress and transitioning effectively to a new life, all in a dignified way.

Mary has taken her considerable corporate experience in mediating and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts and her deep financial expertise to family mediation. Her certification in managing change, skills in conflict resolution and understanding human relationships for the last 20 years together with her hands-on care and empathy are used to help guide couples to achieve their best outcome – preserving their assets and most importantly healthy relationships with their children.

She goes beyond the math and spreadsheets. As a trusted, neutral adviser she give clients confidence in their future and comfort and reassurance in their decisions.
Mary gets the conversation started, acknowledges the past, but ensures that parties do not remain stuck in the past. Instead they can move forward toward resolution and closure.

Although she has uniquely differentiated herself to help higher net worth couples with complex assets and those with family businesses, every client is guided to consider cash flow, tax implications, and debt options when making financial asset division and support decisions.

Mary gets that mediation may not be a good fit or that both parties are unwilling to participate in mediation. So to meet the needs of an individual she provides divorce planning, divorce coaching, divorce financial consulting and preparation of financial statements and disclosure.

She serves clients from two locations: Mississauga and London.

Keynote Speaker and Media Contact

As a subject matter expert in Divorce, Mediation and Conflict Management, she is often asked to be a keynote speaker on these topics at conferences, continuing education events for divorce professionals at IDFA and for Certified Financial Planners. She is an approved Media Expert for CPA Ontario for mediation. She is also a monthly contributor to Divorce Magazine. She has authored a book called Hugs & Kisses in a Bottle to help parents and children cope with divorce during Christmas.

Angels Endorsement

Mary's passionate desire is to give couples what she calls the “gift of choice.” Facing a divorce is overwhelming. Knowing you have options available to you, choosing the right process, professional in the most cost effective and least stressful way while preserving family relationships is the first step Mary takes with her clients. Her question to clients is “Do you want to be a victim or an informed decision maker who takes control of your own divorce settlement outcomes?” We like that Mary has designed a process that helps clients understand those choices and avoid becoming a victim. More importantly we like that she creates a plan and strategy unique to each family circumstance, dynamic and budget rather than putting people into to predesigned packages.

Mary brings empathy and integrates her own personal lessons learned from divorce and separation. As a mediator she provides a positive alternative to litigation for even the most highly conflicted couples.

Eighty percent of divorce settlement issues involve money. This is where Mary’s 30 years of experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant, her negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills enable her to bring control and reason to chaotic situations. She follows a strict code of ethics, guaranteeing fairness, integrity, confidentiality and a voice to each party in her mediation process. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who trains other professionals, Mary can guide couples, particularly high net worth parties who have complex assets or own family businesses, to make informed financial decisions and explore creative options including tax implications, regarding the division of assets and child and spousal support.

Although financial issues take up so much of a divorce, Mary believes that divorce can be an opportunity for couples to learn better communication skills, and for parents to become role models for their children on how to overcome adversity.