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Potentially one of the most difficult things an adult can go through is divorce or separation. All things dear to you may be on the line: your children and their education, support and well-being, your homes, finances, cars... The rupture of your marriage, or relationship, can drain you both emotionally and financially OR although probably emotional, it can be managed in such a way as to minimize the negative impact as much as possible.

Having been called to the Barreau in 1995, I have the experience and dedication required to help you through this. I have extensive knowledge of family law and a practical approach to conflict resolution.  I firmly believe that the best results are achieved through negotiation and out-of-court settlement rather than before the Courts. The law affords you protection and equity and there is little reason why full blown litigation is required when the “big picture” is properly mapped out, analysed and presented.

 In cases however where alternative resolutions are not an option, I am passionate and skilled to vehemently defend your rights before the Courts. When all the information is presented fully, justly and equitably, opposing counsel and I can perhaps manage to settle at least some aspects prior to appearing before a Judge. Even where this is unattainable, you can trust me to offer a well presented picture of your situation to the Court in order for a Judge to have all elements required to render a decision.

Angels Endorsement

Anouk Benzacar is a highly regarded professional and is a lawyer you can trust will look after you. Her professional and personal experience with Divorce, make her an excellent choice to help you navigate through this very difficult time in your life.

Anouk is kind, easy to talk to and has the ability to put her clients at ease. She is, however, tough and firm when the circumstances require it. She works with her clients to set practical and proper conflict resolutions to family issues within the confines of the law, all while strategically using case law in the most beneficial manner possible to protect your rights. Anouk achieves successful results through mediating amicable resolution out of court, or when required fiercely litigating in court.

Anouk's goal is to help her clients resolve their marital issues as quickly and cost effectively as possible so that they can move forward in their lives.