First half hour telephone consultation free with Family Mediator and Parenting Co-ordinator Ilana Tamari

Ilana offers Divorce Angels users a free half hour telephone consultation.

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Ilana Tamari is an Accredited Mediator with the OAFM and a highly experienced Parenting Coordinator. She has been in full time private practice since 2002 and is highly regarded by both lawyers and judges alike in the GTA. Ilana Tamari specializes in Custody and Access Assessments, Mediating Parenting Plans and assisting in implementing and enforcing Parenting Plans (Parenting Coordination).

Ilana Tamari strives to assist parents in cultivating a solid future for their children post separation and divorce. She accomplishes this by Mediation and/or Mediation & Arbitartion. Ilana Tamari holds the belief that consensus building between parents is most optimal but in high conflict situations this is not always possible and thus having the option of Arbitration can be timely and cost effective.

Ilana Tamari is very involved in Family Law and sits on the Board of FDRIO (Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario) and lectures on Domestic Violence and Power Imbalances.

Angels Endorsement

Ilana Tamari is a highly empathic and sensitive clinician who builds rapport easily with her clients. She is highly attuned to the needs of separating and divorcing parents and is acutely aware of this time as being an incredibly stressful and anxiety provoking period in their lives.

Often times, parents are experiencing for the first time in their lives, a loss of control and find themselves in new territory that they are ill equipped to navigate without the help of highly trained and sensitive professionals.

Ilana works diligently and passionately to work closely with parents to navigate "tumultuous waters" during what parents describe as a most chaotic and stormy times of their lives.

She is known as having a 'no-nonsense' approach while being funny and light hearted at times. She works quickly to resolve matters and, despite having a thriving practice, ensures that she is timely in responding to telephone calls and emails from her clients. She has high energy, coupled with great knowledge and experience in Family Law, Child Development, Family Dynamics and tailoring parenting plans to meet the unique needs of each family.

Ilana Tamari is solution focused and is available to resolve issues in a timely and cost effective manner. Her office is easily accessible to many as she is located in Midtown Toronto. She strives to make her office feel comfortable yet professional, which places parents at ease as soon as they walk-in. Ilana Tamari continues by educating and supporting parents throughout the process of her work with them.