Early Neutral Consultation with PCCS Mediatiors & Counsellors

PCCS Mediatiors & Counsellors will provide Divorce Angels users with an  early neutral consultation of what services might be most helpful to you.

Most people going through separation and divorce are going through it for the first time and may find it difficult to choose what is in their best interests.

They  can help you sort that out so you get started on the right track. Don’t waste time or money — arrange an early neutral consultation.

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Debra Rodrigues  holds a BA, BSW, RSW, Acc. F.M. (OAFM), CP Med., Cert. Elder Med., C.R.P.

Ms. Rodrigues has been the Director of PCCS Mediators & Counsellors since 1992.  She  herself has held many positions within the field including with the Office of the Children's Lawyer, as a parenting coordinator, custody and access assessor, alternative dispute resolution consultant, parenting capacity assessor, trainer, collaborative professional and supervisor of mediation interns.

At PCCS Mediators & Counsellors you'll have highly experienced Accredited Mediators & Counsellors with 30+ years in the field. Our experience helps you save time and money!

PCCS Separation & Divorce services includes Mediation for Parenting and Financial issues.

1. Our highly experienced Parenting Mediators help you determine a parenting plan that is best for your children and their unique needs.

2. Our highly experienced Financial Mediators help you resolve all your financial issues related to separation and divorce.

3. Our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts assist with your preparation of financial documents and disclosure, requesting pension valuations, budgeting and evaluation of your financial options for separation.

4. Our Counselling and Coaching services include working with one party or both, helping you decide whether to separate, or we support you through separation and post-separation. For children and teens we have a certified play therapist, child & youth worker and psychotherapist.

Divorce with Dignity! PCCS Mediators & Counsellors help you through life's challenges and transitions.

We've got you covered!

Angels Endorsement

Debra Rodrigues and her team of Separation & Divorce Professionals are top notch leaders in the field. They have serviced thousands of clients to date and due to their vast experience can help people move efficiently and effectively towards full agreement in as little time (and money) as possible.

Ms. Rodrigues is considered an expert in Court on parenting matters and separation and divorce, so you know she is trusted and valuable.

You are in very good hands when using her services and that of her team. She provides mediation in a manner that her clients truly appreciate. She is known as the "closer" having a very high rate of final agreements to the satisfaction of her clients.

Ms. Rodrigues brings compassion and understanding as well as education to the mediation process empowering clients to make informed decisions. She understands the emotions involved in marriage breakdown, the sense of vulnerability each person can have and the anxiety separation can induce. She is very respectful and empathic with her clients creating a safe place in which to share information and problem solve.

Ms. Rodrigues has had a very full career and never stops gowing as a professional. She is professionally quoted in many magazines and newspapers and has appeared on televisions programs as an expert.