Complimentary Workshop with Julie Starr/Possibility Life Coaching for Women

When you sign up for the 3 month Navigating Through Divorce Package, you will receive a complimentary pass to one of Julie’s workshops. Check out her website (go to coaching page):

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‘A Better Life’ is what Possibility is all about!

Julie Starr created Possibility Life Coaching with the intention to guide women towards the life they love.

Julie trained professionally first as a Dance Therapist (Hons. BFA from York University) and then transitioned to life coaching, graduating from Coach U in 2006. The life coaching school equipped her with the necessary skills and strategies to motivate others to take action and realize their unique potential.

Services by Possibility:
(all coaching by Telephone, in the convenience of your own home or office)

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Group coaching Workshops: Intensive 3 week workshops available every month by teleconference with other like-minded women and Life Coach Julie.
    • Topics include self compassion/self care and going for your BETTER life by analyzing/strategizing/taking action.
    • The various issues that arise during the journey of divorce are covered, empowering you to take positive action for your better life. Practical know-how and life coaching tools and techniques benefit the women in the group.

Clients Speak about working with Julie:

“I always come out from our sessions feeling supported, inspired and motivated to put my challenges into action.”

“Julie gently guided me through many difficult hardships by being caring, supportive, loving and empathic.”

“Julie has a gift of teaching and inspiring. What she says is extremely informative but also it is the sincerity and whole heartedness of how she says things that touches the soul.”

“Julie’s patient, persistent and organized approach to coaching was just the right combination to get me focused on my goals.”


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Navigating through difficult passages is Julie’s specialty as she has travailed through many on a personal level. She has been there, done that. Divorce, cancer and chronic illness are but a few of the challenges that have seasoned Julie as a great coach.

She honed her natural ability to empower women to be fully who they are and strengthen their self-esteem. Julie’s specialty is working with women who have experienced their husband leaving. She helps women start anew personally and maintain their strong family unit.

Working with Julie, you will feel better, less overwhelmed and find more balance in your life. She helps you find your way through divorce and on to a brighter, better lifestyle.

With lots of care, information, life coaching tools and techniques, Julie coaches her clients to find joy in their day to day life again while going through the divorce process.