Complimentary Consultation with Don Colbourn

Don will offer the Divorce Angels client a complimentary one time consultation.

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Integrity, confidentiality, professionalism, and experience are the cornerstones on which Integra Investigation Services Ltd. has built its strong reputation and list of satisfied clients. Trusted for their dependability, Integra has become one of Canada’s leading investigation firms.

At Integra Investigations Services Ltd., we safeguard our clients and their interests through professional and confidential investigations.

Using our professional associations, the integrity of our staff and the innovative use of technology, we will effectively serve our clients to ensure their peace of mind.

Don Colbourn is the founder and President of Integra Investigation Services Ltd. His over thirty five years of experience as an investigator in the private sector serving professional, personal and business interests keep him in high demand. Don’s range of experience covers corporate / commercial litigation support, labour law support, financial research, family law matters and intellectual property investigations.

He is well known for his contribution as an advisor to many college level law and security advisory programs, as well as police foundation studies. Don is the Central Canada Area Governor for the World Investigators Network, in addition to being a member of the World Association of Detectives, the California Association of Licensed Investigators, and the Council of Private Investigators of Ontario.

Angels Endorsement

Don is a straight forward, no nonsense professional. His experience, skills and tenacity are the reason he is a successful and effective private investigator.

Don's range of experience involves all aspects of the investigative industry. For divorce, Private Investigators can be an important part of a family law case and can sometimes assist to strengthen a court proceeding or help people find out a truth.

With Don on your side, you feel you instantly are protected and that he can uncover whatever is needed. He is trustworthy, detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable with over 35 years of experience. He will be a good resource to speak with!