A free hour consultation with Richard Ray related to tax, mediation and collaborative services

A free hour consultation with Richard Ray  related to tax, mediation and collaborative services

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Richard Ray, CPA, CA, is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University of Waterloo and obtained his CPA, CA designation in 1996. He has both boutique small firm experience and Big 4 experience working with a variety of clients with different backgrounds.

Richard is a tax practitioner offering exclusive consultations with clients that are separating from their spouse. Richard also provides mediation and collaborative services, on a consultative basis, to help you maximize your settlement while minimizing taxes. He also provides ongoing financial coaching and networking to individuals that are ‘starting over’.


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Through his own personal experience, Richard realized that the 'adversarial system’ of family law and family lawyers are ill-equipped to deal with the complexities of the tax system. He also realized that there is very little help available to divorcees on tax and financial matters, and that the information provided was outdated and only considered family law. For example, tax consequences of property settlement and support is not adequately considered during separation.

Richard recognizes that family law reporting is difficult and that couples are stressed out due to various reasons during the separation/divorce process. Dealing with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would be the last thing that either party or counsel like to deal with. But, taxes are one of the most complex and costliest components of the entire ongoing process. Generally, couples forget that they are in complete control of their financial future, and that even with a small amount of cooperation and the right guidance, they can minimize the financial impact of separation/divorce.

With his vast experience, Richard can help you and your legal counsel navigate both the tax and family law systems in a timely and financially efficient manner. Richard has worked with many divorcing and separating clients and has provided candid and timely information to guide them through the tax implications, financial planning, and financial coaching needed. He has also supported clients and their counsel during both uncontested as well as contested divorce settlements (i.e. when their former spouse is uncooperative).

Richard is very empathetic and easy to talk to. He understand his clients’ financial objectives and needs first, and then helps develop a plan that they can use during the process. On many occasions, opposing parties and their counsels have noted that they enjoyed working with him and continue to use his services.