90 minute session for the price of a 60 minute session with therapist Peter Stathakos

Peter offers Divorce Angels users a 90 minute session for the price of 60 minute sessions.

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Peter Stathakos, has a long history of success with the most challenging people and situations. Previously counseling pedophiles, sex offenders and violent criminals brings with him the ability to address your concerns that are most likely less terrifying.

He is one of 1300 certified sex addiction therapists worldwide, he has specialized training in play therapy to effectively treat children, he is adjunct faculty at the University of Toronto, has presented papers at conferences, co-created Canada’s first 4-day sex addiction treatment program and is recognized internationally as a trauma and multi-addiction treatment professional.

Peter regularly appears on Rogers TV as a sexual health and intimacy specialist.

Peter believes that quality therapy begins with the quality of the therapist. As a highly accomplished therapist, Peter is not interested in treating symptoms, he is only interested in treating core issues.

Angels Endorsement

Peter Stathakos is extremely effective in helping people bring peace and order
to a chaotic situation.

Peter is caring and takes the time to truly understand what his clients are going through. He helps to build confidence in discerning what people actually want, and he is unafraid to confront people when they have lost context or perspective.

He is skilled at helping his clients navigate the stress of contemplating divorce or actually going through the divorce process itself. He helps you to understand and cope with the weight and impact that all the choices can have on others, and how overwhelming emotion can sometimes cloud sound judgement.

Peter Stathakos has extensive experience in responding to the most complex situations. He appears in court to provide expert testimony in divorce cases, criminality and sex crimes.

You can feel comfortable knowing that Peter has experience in effectively handling more complicated cases and brings with him a wealth of experience in dealing with your challenges.