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Adina began her work at Hummingbird Lawyers as a summer intern in 2013 and completed 10 months as a Student-at-Law with the firm. Adina is now an Associate Lawyer working in Hummingbird LLP’s Family Law Department. Adina’s desire to practice law comes from her hope to make a difference, not only in the community at large but also in individual clients’ lives.

Adina has experience in helping clients dealing with separation and divorce. Her main focus is on custody and access issues that stem from family turmoil and breakdown. Adina’s family law practice includes Collaborative Family Law, Simple or Uncontested Divorces, Spousal Support, Termination of Spousal Support, Child Support, Termination of Child Support, Custody and Access Rights, Child Protection, Mobility Issues and Rights, Division of Property, including the Matrimonial Home, Equalization of Net Family Property, Litigation Strategy and Management, Separation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, Cohabitation Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements and Representation at Mediation and Arbitration Dispute Resolution.

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Adina takes a unique approach when catering to the Family Law market. She attempts to take a more collaborative approach to dealing with relationship breakdowns and attempts to avoid commencing court Applications where possible.

Adina’s approach to practicing Family Law is to try the least intrusive options first. Her perspective is that parties who are able to work together to negotiate the terms of the breakdown of their relationship will be happier with the result than those who commence court proceedings and allow a third party (judge) to decide their fate for them. Although some files need to be in court, not all of them do.

Adina is different than other lawyers who practice family law in Ontario because she takes a very child centered and collaborative approach.