30 Minute Free Initial Telephone Conversation with therapist Wendy Limarzi

Wendy offers Divorce Angels users a free 30 minute initial telephone conversation.

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I hold a psychology degree from the University of Windsor and a Master’s of Social Work degree from Wilfred Laurier University.

I am a licensed, registered therapist and have attended and co-ran many seminars and workshops. I offer assessment, counselling and treatment to individuals, couples and families, as well as  provide diagnostic assessment.

I work passionately with couples whom are having marital conflict and need mediation. I offer a communication program that will benefit all parties going through a separation or divorce with the goal of making the separation as smooth as possible.

My commitment is to help you resolve issues that are impeding your ability to move forward in your life. My approach is non-judgemental, offering professional advice and solutions.


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Wendy believes it is everyone's inherent right to be happy, married or not. But when a marriage dissolves she is easy to talk to, nonjugemental and is knowledgeable about the court process. She also continues to work with people after the divorce, working through their feelings of grief and loss.

She is strategic in her approach -- instead of just talking about how bad one feels, strategic counselling moves the person into forward thinking. This frees the person from the requirement and expense of year long therapy.

Wendy finds that this approach empowers newly divorced people to move forward instead of leaving them feeling victimized.