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I've grown up with several insecurities and self-doubts always trying to play it safe and do what's expected of me. I ignored and tried to push away my intuition and creativity because I felt like it was weird, not cool, and too risky to own. I got to the point where I had abandoned myself, too fearful to hear what the universe was telling me, wanting so badly to bury my head in the sand. I was trying way too hard to make it all work. I had been running away from myself my whole life, no wonder I was tired all the time!

Life circumstances divinely kicked me in the butt, which included a 'crazy' divorce (which is way more common than I realized at the time!). At that point, I threw my hands up to the universe, trying to control everything had backfired, and I surrendered it all.

This is when I began to learn more about my intuition, through unexpected meetups and I slowly began embracing instead of resisting it. What felt like such a burden is starting to feel like a gift. Along the way, I have also worked on healing from difficult childhood and adolescent experiences and my own divorce.

All of us have patterns we are working through, and life circumstances change. As a coach, I offer a compassionate space for you to gain awareness and self-trust so that you can make choices that honour you. Know that you are worthy of being supported.

These services are also offered as part of coaching: Reiki: A Japanese healing technique for releasing stress and promoting healing. Done by moving the hands over the body’s chakras, which helps to move stagnant energy and stuck emotions.

Angel Card Readings: A specific or general question can be explored with guidance provided on the issue from our divine guides and angels.

Education: Adler Trained Coach, Adler International Learning. B.Sc. in Psychology, University of Toronto. Master's in Industrial Relations, Queen's University. Studied at the Institute of Contemporary Shamanic Studies and the Gestalt Institute of Psychotherapy.

Angels Endorsement

Sonya went through her own divorce after being with her ex for 11 years. Like many, she felt like the rug was pulled right from under her feet. What began as one of the most challenging periods of her life filled with grief and guilt became a wake-up call to get real with herself and what she wanted her life to look like. As a recovering perfectionist, she's embracing the art of progress not perfection (and dating!).

"Sonya is compassionate and offers a space for self-awareness and self-actualization. She offers wisdom, guidance and warmth to her clients. She champions them and provides a space for their self-expression and truth to unfold."