10 Sessions for $640 (Regular price is 10 for $800) with Life Coach Leonora Robles

Leonora offers Divorce Angels clients a package offer of 10 sessions for $640, Regular price for 10 is $800 ($80/session).  Get 2 Sessions Free!


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Do you need support? Are you ready to change what is not working for you, find what works, and step into a more positive and fulfilling life? Do you need a safe space to sort through your thoughts and feelings and do what is needed to heal? Do want to achieve your goals and yet, you feel like you don't know where to start and how to move forward? Leonora can help and support you through your journey.

Whether you are looking for a Life Coach to motivate, guide, support and encourage you to make changes or Counselling to get the support and the safe space you need to heal those intense emotions and old patterns that keep on ruling your life.

Leonora is trained in both,Life Coaching and Counselling modalities and use both skills in order to help her clients experience dramatic change.

In her practice she uses a holistic approach focused on a person in their entirety, it regards the mind, emotions, body and spirit as fundamentally interconnected. her goal is to help you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go.

She is passionate about empowering you to discover and access your own inner wisdom and healing capacity and to break free from destructive behaviours, patterns, emotions to enjoy a new and improved state of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

Leonora is fluent in Spanish and her sessions can be conducted in both English and Spanish.

Angels Endorsement

Leonora works with her clients to empower them through the process of considering divorce, during divorce and after divorce. She believes it is crucial to have support, empowerment and inspiration during this time, as well as processing of grief and loss, and getting to know the self and who you are as an individual without the identity that we create as a spouse.

Leonora experienced divorce herself as an immigrant while raising a toddler, and she found the transition incredibly difficult without support, resources and the empowerment that she desperately needed. She also understands life after divorce, the ups and downs of single parenting, dating after divorce and remarrying as well as the challenges of step-parenting.

Leonora is a very warm, upbeat, outspoken leader that believes in having a sense of humour through tough times, holistic healing modalities and complete authenticity.

Leonora is very passionate about helping others, She will not let you walk out of her office without having had an insight that will help you move forward.