With a Surge in Online Searches for Divorce Advice after the Holidays, TheDivorceAngels.com is expanding its services in Ontario and is here to help!

Toronto, Ontario December 29 2016— When faced with divorce and the overwhelming choices one must make, most of us wouldn’t know where to turn. Look no further, The DivorceAngels.com is here to help, and is currently expanding its reach across Ontario.

Launched in Toronto in January 2016, TheDivorceAngels.com is a website geared at those thinking about or in the midst of going through a divorce.  It is a dedicated online support network, a first of its kind that offers resources, a community and professional recommendations to find support, guidance and comfort to its users.

The site features over 200 professionals from a wide array of fields, who help people move forward during a difficult time in their lives, The platform is unique in that it only offers 4 professional recommendations per category per city.

“We have had tremendous success in Toronto, and as a result of an influx of requests, we are now moving across Ontario”, said Marni Sky, Co Founder.  “We are really excited to be expanding our reach, especially after the Holiday season when there is a seasonal peak of many couples ending their marriages.”

“People search for almost anything and everything today online, ”said Mara Marcello, co-founder.  “Divorce is no different.  We have over 20,000 visitors a month to the site and that number keeps growing.  People turn to the Internet to read other people’s stories, to find out about the legal process, what their rights are and to search for lawyers and other divorce related professionals.”

The ultimate goal of Divorce Angels is to provide an online support network, that offers resources and recommendation to empower people to take control and make informed choices as they move through this transition, with greater ease and clarity of mind to find their “Happily Ever After”.

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