Toronto, Ontario –December 19, 2016 — Divorce is never easy, and around the holidays like Christmas and New Years, it can get even harder.  With divorce comes a lot of change and sadness, and sometimes people are not equipped to handle the change. is a support network that provides users with resources; a community and vetted professionals.

Hiring a professional who can teach skills and coping strategies to deal with the emotions and changes in their lives is a step in the right direction. offers vetted recommendations to professionals like therapists, life coaches, divorce and breakup coaches who can help guide you through the process of accepting that change.

“Adjusting to the holidays as a single person with or without children is stressful.” said Marnii Sky, Co-Founder. “It’s important to connect with the right professionals to help you cope with the emotional rollercoaster of Divorce during the holiday season.”

The first set of holidays following a divorce is likely to be the most difficult because the emotions are so high and parents are trying to figure out what works best for the children during this time

“There is definitely an intense sadness that comes with the first holiday season during a separation or divorce,” said Mara Marcello, Co-Founder. “Therapists and coaches help people accept that life has now changed for everyone in the family, and how to cope and move forward.

The Divorce Angels is an online support network for people going through divorce, thinking about divorce or simply looking for guidance. The site features more than 200 amazing and inspiring professionals in a variety of fields who work hard to provide guidance, knowledge and tools to help others move forward in a positive manner during a very difficult time in their lives.

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