Life after divorce….. not easy!
When your entire universe gets turned around and you think you will never feel right or normal again you must have faith in yourself and believe there is a new life waiting for you that will work and, even get you excited.

My husband left me after 15 years of marriage. We have two kids – at the time they were 10 and 12.
I was stunned… literally shocked.
I mean the reality was I hadn’t been working on our marriage since the kids were born.. but who had time to?

I mean didn’t we make vows that said we would be together forever and ever???
Didn’t we both love our children so much that nothing would tear us or them apart?
Well turns out my ex husband wanted more – more passion, more sex, more fun, more adventure and just all around more…
So he decided to find his “more” in another woman – his secretary and the cliché of it all seemed too much for me to bear.

There were many sleepless nights.
Many painful and tearful days.
Many scary moments along the way.

But slowly I have rebuilt my world and it is coming together in a way I had never imagined.
After staying home for nearly 13 years I went back to work as a lawyer. I am behind my colleagues who are my age but I don’t care – it feels good to be working again – my days are occupied and I no longer feel fixated on my ex or on my current situation.

My relationship with my kids seems stronger today than ever before. We have amazing quality time together and I feel a kind of reprieve when they are not with me. Instead of feeling lonely I now make plans with friends or give myself a day at the spa – it feels great to be ok with being alone

I’d love to find someone to share my life with again but right now I am just working on finding my own way. In fact, I’ve just booked a yoga retreat in Costa Rica alone for one week… something I NEVER would have done in my marriage.

So my life is totally different but in a strange way it is exciting and somewhat inspiring to be confident and standing on my own.

For those of you reading this who are a few steps behind me, trust me you will find your new path if you just believe in yourself.


Jessica, 48, Vancouver

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