You think you can just come into my family and take over?
Are you for real?
I birthed these two children and cared for their every need.
You step in to a world I created with my ex husband and think you can just morph into our life?
I cringe every time I see you with my kids
You hold their hands and give them hugs and think you are super tight with them.
I hear about you tucking them into bed and reading stories????
This is so not okay!
These are MY kids – not YOURs!
Back off and leave them be!
You think your shiny gifts will win them over?
You think your sweet smile is believable??
Oh I know everyone says at least you are nice to them but really I don’t care – I don’t even want you to be nice. I just want you to stay clear and let me mother my own children.
I’m sick of hearing stories about you.
I’m tired of your ideas for new programs and activites you think would be good for them.
I am their mother and I know what is best for my own kids.
So just back away you …
Leave our family alone and go build your own!

Pissed…. Jan, 45, Edmonton

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