vetting process

Vetting Process

Why trust Divorce Angels?

At Divorce Angels we recognize that our users are already overwhelmed.  Which is why we streamline our recommendations and provides users with choice but limit the amount of experts featured.

We showcase a diverse array of professionals across different personality types, experience and magnitude.  We recommend to our users a cross section of professionals from different kinds of firms, different size of firms, as well as independents, offering a mix of tenure and style.

These trusted Professionals have a proven track record for success.  They each have a seal of approval from the Divorce Angels, as we either know them or have been recommended by a colleague or client who sings their praises.

We talk to every professional to get a feel for his or her style, approach and disposition.   After our due diligence is complete, we ask those selected vendors for remuneration for their listing.   In order to maintain our credibility and unbiased perspective, we do not accept any referral fees.

Our Professionals are deeply committed to you and your successful journey through this difficult phase of your life.  They appreciate the crossroads that arise with divorce – each one is invested in their client’s pursuit of the best possible outcome.