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Divorce Angels was initially created offline by Marni Sky, Mara Marcello, and Shari Wagman – three friends who are not divorced themselves but have been affected by the divorces of close family and friends.

Over the past decade, we have handheld our friends and family through their divorce, offering support and guidance along the way – on everything from lawyers, financial planners, therapists, career counselors, real estate agents to child care, makeovers and dating.

As a caring and connected threesome, we were given the name “The Angels” and became known as the “go to gals” for all things divorce! Our friends were grateful for the help and told their friends who told their friends… and so on.

Soon we had a network of men and women coming to us for advice. From the newly divorced father who needed a decorator for his new “digs” to the mom who found herself alone on the weekend for the first time, we had recommendations for everyone no matter what phase of their journey they were in.

Between the three of us, we realized there was a huge need for people going through a divorce to find guidance and support. With the intent to help as many people as we could, we decided to build a divorce destination and brought our advice online…. providing free confidential, customized advice and referrals.

Our mission is to help guide you through this new direction of your life, to help you find clarity and connect you to professionals that we trust to take care of you.

As expert connectors, we hope our program can assist all of you in need!

Marni, Mara and Shari

The founders bring diverse and skilled backgrounds to create Divorce Angels. With a BA in Mathematics and an MBA, Marni brings her business knowledge and a long standing career in Advertising and Marketing. Mara has a BBM and a Masters Degree in Education specializing in Technology. Shari holds a BA in Psychology and had a successful career in Public Relations.