My marriage ended this year. After 18 years and 2 beautiful daughters, my wife and I had grown apart. The details and the finances of our Divorce are being worked out – the emotions and sadness are ongoing. It’s obvious the “firsts” without my wife are the hardest, but I have been through and survived a lot of them since our Divorce became final.

New Year’s Eve is another first that is stressful when you are in the midst of divorce in Ontario. It’s a lot of pressure to have a great time –something you don’t necessarily feel like at this point in your life.

Why do people make such a big deal about New Year’s Eve? Why is there so much pressure to have the best time? Isn’t it just another night?

After talking to many other friends who have walked in my shoes, I have decided that I am taking the pressure off.

Maybe I will go out for dinner with some friends, maybe I will stay in and cook a meal, or maybe I will watch a movie — I really haven’t decided yet.

What I have decided is that I want to focus on what New Years should really be about — reflecting, feeling gratitude and focusing on new beginnings.

I can’t change my mistakes from the past, I can only learn and grow from them.  My divorce has made me reflect: I have great family, friends and a job that I want to continue to enjoy, and a lot of hope for the future.

For me, I look forward to 2016 and seeing what the New Year brings.

Wishing the newly separated / divorced a very Happy New Year!


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  1. Been There

    Tell me about it….I was replaced by a newer model after two kids and 34 years of marriage!


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