I recently separated from my wife and have 2 children aged 8 and 10.  I was hesitant to share my story with too many people as I felt that my life was out of control and wanted to get  a handle on what my plan of action was.

Once I had moved past the initial shock of my situation and people began to know my story, recommendations and opinions came flying in from friends, family, business contacts, and acquaintances who had been through the process.   Everyone had the “best” lawyer or the “best” financial planner or the “best” therapist and I found that everyone was biased by their own divorce experience.

I felt  that I needed to do my own investigation, and came upon the Divorce Angels site.   Since I needed some anonymous unbiased guidance, I decided to try it out.

Although I couldn’t get my referrals from the site (this apparently will be happening in September), I was able to email my needs and was quickly provided with  recommendations  to consider.  Divorce Angels promised to provide established and reputable specialists with a proven track record with their network of divorced clients.  They also promised that these recommendations were screened and vetted for their previous work and success.

I asked for and received four recommendations for a lawyer.  I really liked that the referrals were presented from a “friends” perspective — they provided info on each of the lawyers,  as well as the Angels rationale for each recommendation.  I decided to meet with one of the lawyers who I thought would work best with my personality and financial budget — and I couldn’t  be happier with my choice!  I feel particularly lucky since I’ve heard numerous stories from friends who had to switch lawyers because they didn’t have the right fit.

I’m learning that this journey is a process  with many changes and decisions in its path.  Making the right choice for yourself is what will help guide you through it.

Thank you Divorce Angels for making this process a little less stressful.

Raymond Hyde

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