Divorce Angels help you through his difficult time in your life by connecting you with a full range of service providers all across Ontario who understand your needs. Our recommended and vetted mortgage broker professionals will take care to find you the best possible rates in any region. We will recommend a broker who specializes in your area and who understands local markets, from Windsor to Thunder Bay to Ottawa, and everywhere in between.

In any marriage, the largest asset shared between spouses is usually your house. In Ontario, there are specific laws and rights tied to the matrimonial home. Your family lawyer will help you understand your rights, and a mortgage broker can help you deal with the details of buying, selling, or maintaining your property.

Recently Divorced and Looking for a Mortgage in Ontario?

Ontario is one of the most sought-after provinces in the country. Depending on where you live, the housing market may be incredibly affordable or highly competitive. You need a broker who understands the local housing market and what it takes to buy your future home. If you’re in the middle of dividing your assets or finalizing your divorce, you may not have the time or the means to find a mortgage broker in your area. Divorce Angels will eliminate that added stress by providing you with the resources to find a skilled broker who has experience with your situation.

What if You Want to Refinance Your Current Mortgage?

You may decide to continue living in your matrimonial home after the divorce. Many parents want to allow their children to continue going to the same school to reduce the amount of change for the children. Before you even consider this option, you must first ensure that it is financially possible and feasible to buy out your ex-spouse. Divorce Angels can connect you with professionals who will offer you expert advice and guide you through this process.  They can advise you of all your options and then you can determine whether staying in your own home is right for you.

Every family situation is different, which is why it’s so important for you to speak to a mortgage broker to understand your options. Finding the right people to help you is tough. That’s where Divorce Angels comes in: we’re here to connect you with the right professionals to help you with all of your divorce needs.

Why Trust a Mortgage Broker?

No matter where you decide to live, you still have to face the task of finding a mortgage that fits your new financial situation. In any circumstance, going to an Ontario mortgage broker will ensure that you receive the lowest rate with the best possible terms. You can rely on professional brokers who understand the local housing market to find you the best deal for your new real estate property.

Help is There if You Need it

Divorce Angels is a support network that puts you in touch with all the services and professionals that you’ll need during your entire divorce process and your new life thereafter.  You shouldn’t have to go through this alone. All mortgage brokers and service providers in our network are specially vetted for their past successes in providing favourable outcomes for their clients.