Every separation is different. To reach an agreement, it is not always essential to go through a legal proceeding. Mediation is often a less expensive and faster process that is mutually beneficial to both parties. If you’re looking for a mediator in Toronto, Divorce Angels has a list of vetted professionals that can provide experienced mediation services. Mediators have essential skills to help you and your spouse reach an alternative dispute resolution that suits both parties. This is often considered a softer approach, as the mediator acts as an objective representative who promotes cooperation and understanding between parties.

What to Expect from a Toronto Mediator

Every Toronto mediator that Divorce Angels endorses is a member of the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM), which promotes the highest standards of professionalism in the province. The mediators we recommend are experienced professionals from a wide range of disciplines who have helped many people before you reach successful resolutions that are beneficial for the entire family. Mediators are not like lawyers, in that they don’t speak for you. Rather, they facilitate fair two-way communication between you and your spouse, giving everyone the chance to be heard in a safe and neutral environment.


Are you ready to talk? Mediation gives couples the agency to voice their needs and take control of the agreement that is reached. One of the greatest advantages of using a mediator instead of a lawyer in Toronto is that the process can be finalized in as little as an afternoon. Divorce proceedings, on the other hand, can take weeks, months, or even years to finalize, which can be a costly and an emotionally painful process. Another advantage of mediation is that the process provides total confidentiality compared to public court hearings. The mediator will not be obligated to break confidentiality in court unless there is a situation of domestic child abuse or criminal actions.

Mediation Services in Toronto

Divorce Angels can recommend a number of mediation services in Toronto, Ontario. We have conveniently broken down available mediators in the GTA based on common requirements:


  • Family mediators
  • Flat-fee mediators
  • Legal mediators
  • Non-profit mediators
  • Online mediators
  • Parent Coordinators

Mediators in Toronto are the middle ground for fair, reasonable, and respectful conversation between spouses who are in the midst of turning a new leaf. It is vital to Toronto mediators that their clients overcome their past disputes and reach resolutions that allow them to move forward in their new lives apart.

When Not to Use Mediation

No two separation stories are the same. No matter what the cited reasons for your divorce, the mediation process requires fair discussion between parties. If there are instances of verbal or physical abuse or of other circumstances where a spouse’s health or wellbeing is threatened, Divorce Angels does not recommend you seeking a mediator to help you reach an agreement. If your situation requires legal representation, please review our vetted list of the best divorce professionals in your area.