Hiring a private investigator can help people get the answers they need when dealing with a separation or divorce. Sometimes in divorce, life partners may become strangers and liars.   Finding a family law firm that collaborates with a licensed and qualified private investigator can benefit you by helping you understanding the situation fully and finding the truth.  A private investigator may be able to help in a family law case when it comes to

  • Finding hidden assets and hidden bank accounts
  • Finding and providing additional income sources for child and spousal support
  • Exposing infidelity
  • Reckless spending 
  • Investigating child custody issues
  • Domestic violence

Understanding your situation with facts and proof when a divorce becomes hostile and messy, can sometimes be the best way to advance your case.  It is important that your lawyer work directly with a private investigator firm to get you the answers, clarity and closure that you deserve. https://www.thedivorceangels.com/divorce-professional-listings/#/step2/42

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  1. Crystal Cullen

    How do I gain the confidence to initiate divorce? It is miserable and has never been good. And my husband is in a long term romantic affair with a much younger woman.


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