Getting divorced is a really difficult time. There is so much financial stress associated with separating two households and figuring out next steps. The most common questions that people going through a Divorce ask are:

  1. Can I afford to keep my house?
  2. Do I need to downsize my house?
  3. What are the penalties for selling my house with my mortgage?
  4. My spouse has everything in their name.. I am worried about my credit rating.
  5. What if my ex misses mortgage payments?

As a Mortgage Advisor, I help my clients manage their money, and not just their mortgage. From helping them develop their credit rating to finding new ways to qualify for a mortgage, I try to maximize their cash flow and review their mortgage plan.

Whether you’re keeping the family home, downsizing or getting a fresh start in a new home – I can help guide you through the complicated process.

Michael Rothfeld, Mortgage Agent

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