I don’t think that I will ever forget the night that my wife came home and told me that she wasn’t in love with me and that she wanted a divorce. I remember feeling shocked and frozen, unable to process what was really happening. The conversation turned to a screaming match and that night she slept in the spare bedroom and promised we could discuss this rationally in the morning.

I was sure that by morning she would change her mind, but that was not the case. Over the next few days our conversations became increasingly heated, as she started pressuring me to find a place to stay for a while, stating that it was best for the kids, and that they didn’t need to see us fighting like this. I hadn’t even processed that she wanted out of our marriage and now she wanted me out of the house ASAP. She was adamant and was really trying to “Bully” me out of our family home.

I needed to speak to a family lawyer quickly to discuss my legal rights during a separation or divorce, and explain to me the next steps after my wife threw this bombshell at me. That night, I was googling for information and ended up finding Divorce Angels. Despite having a great amount of information, I also found that for a small fee , I could ask a question and be connected to a legal professional who could help me.

I wasn’t ready to hire a divorce lawyer yet, but I needed some legal guidance based on the unimaginable situation I found myself in. Within minutes, I was connected to a family lawyer. He told me that the worst mistake would be to voluntarily move of the marital house. He told me that once you move out, even if you think it’s for a short term, it’s more difficult to get back in. He also explained monetary and child custody issues down the road which could be affected. The lawyer reassured me that I shouldn’t make any decisions while I was in this daze, but if the marriage was unsalvageable it would be a good idea to hire a divorce lawyer.

I am so grateful to have spoken to that lawyer who answered my questions so quickly and that I was able to get quick legal advice. Even though I didn’t want a divorce, my wife was trying to make me feel like it was my obligation to leave. I am grateful I didn’t listen and dig myself into a hole, especially before a separation agreement was in place.

Steven, 46

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