Financial Planners in Winnipeg

Planning now for your financial future can ensure your peace of mind now.  You may have already seen a financial planner at previous stages in your life, perhaps to determine if student loans were the right choice for you, or to ensure you received the best mortgage possible.  Taking the time to carefully and calmly consider your financial option can provide you with a clearer vision of your short and long-term finances, and can help you prepare for unpredicted bumps in the road.

Marriage is a life altering choice whereby your finances are considered and altered.   Mortgages, paycheques, expenses, pension plans—these are all financial concerns that you now share between you and your spouse. It stands to reason, then, that preparing for divorce or separation causes one to worry about finances.  At Divorce Angels, we understand that this can be a time of upheaval, change and great uncertainty.  That’s where we come in.  Divorce Angels takes the research and guess work out of hiring a reputable financial consultant in the Winnipeg area.  Our complete list of vetted professionals contains all the resources you need to select the right advisor for your needs.

How a Divorce Financial Consultant Can Help

While you rely on your lawyers for legal advice during this period, so too, should you consider relying upon a financial consultant for advice regarding your financial future.  Having a diverse, specially trained team in your corner always helps, and we know you might be in need of a large support network at the moment. Let Divorce Angels help you put together your team.

A divorce financial consultant can help you make the best choices in your specific case and ease some of your concerns going forward in the following ways:

  • Decisions about your home: Whether you are legally entitled to retaining a residence may not be the biggest issue. A financial consultant can help you decide if staying in or selling your home is the best financial decision for your future.
  • Custody and child support arrangements: While your legal team is the most qualified to outline the custody agreement before a judge, choosing whether long-term payments or a lump sum is preferable in your specific economic case is a question that might be better answered by a financial planner.
  • Retirement and pensions: Pension plans and other savings can be marital property, but having them properly evaluated, including net-tax earnings, can influence the settlement proceedings. This is another way a divorce financial consultant can help you.

Finding a Financial Planner in Winnipeg

Full of green spaces and a vibrant museum sector, we know our northern capital to be a city of opportunity.  But when it comes to finding a financial advisor, navigating Winnipeg can be a little bit of a challenge.  That is why Divorce Angels hosts an updated and curated listing of financial planners and consultants in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.  In Saint Norbert, Saint James, or Fort Garry, we want to help support you as much as possible through this time of change.  We know specialized financial planning is one aspect of the varied and diverse approach.  If you are interested in financial planning, or would like to check out our forums to get further advice and support throughout your process, please visit the Divorce Angels today.