Planning for your financial future can give you peace of mind in the here and now.  You may have already consulted with a financial planner at previous stages in your life.  Carefully and calmly taking the time to assess your finances can give you a better handle on the long and short term, as well as the ability to plan for the unexpected needs you’ll face.  Perhaps you saw an advisor to determine if student loans were the right choice for you, or to secure the best mortgage possible.

Marriage is a life-changing choice whereby we’re forced to carefully examine and often alter our financial options.  While the beginning of the honeymoon period is glowing with romance and optimism, bringing two lives together has a significant economic impact for the couple.  Mortgages, paycheques, pension plans—these are all things that you begin to see as combined between you and your partner.  It stands to reason, then, that divorce would bring economic stress and uncertainty.  Divorce Angels understands how overwhelming it can be to arm yourself with the right force.  That’s why we provide our users with a complete list of recommended and vetted professionals, including financial advisors, who are experienced and trained in helping people during this time.

How a Divorce Financial Consultant Can Help

You allow your lawyer to advise you on all legal matters pertaining to your divorce, so why not trust a financial consultant to provide his/her expertise when it comes to your financial future?  A specialized divorce financial consultant can help you make the optimal decisions in your specific case and ease some of your worries going forward and can provide much needed guidance in the following ways:

  • Decisions about your home: Whether or not you are legally entitled to retain the matrimonial home may not be the biggest issue. A financial consultant can help you decide if staying or selling is the best financial decision for your future.
  • Custody and child support arrangements: While your legal team is the most qualified to outline the custody agreement before a judge, choosing whether long-term payments or a lump sum is preferable in your specific economic case is a question that might be better answered by a financial planner.
  • Retirement and pensions: Pension plans and other savings can be marital property, but having them properly evaluated, including net-tax earnings, can influence the settlement proceedings. This is another way a divorce financial consultant can help you.

Finding a Financial Planner in Ontario

Ontario is a diverse and vibrant province.  Whether you live in the Golden Horseshoe, Muskoka and Cottage Country, or the Capital Region, finding the right financial planner for your individual needs can seem a daunting task.  That is why Divorce Angels hosts a specialized list of financial planners and consultants throughout Hamilton, Niagara, and the entire province of Ontario.  We want to help and support you as much as possible through this time of change, and solid financial planning is one aspect of the diverse approach.  If you are interested in financial planning, or would like to check out our forums to get further advice and support throughout your process, please visit the Divorce Angels today.