Family Mediation in Winnipeg

Nobody wants their divorce to negatively impact their children. We know you’re probably doing everything you can to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. Divorce Angels has a vetted list of professional family mediation services throughout the Winnipeg area that have helped couples find successful resolutions in a calm and amicable manner. A mediator can help you both reach an agreement that has your children’s best interests at heart. There’s no denying the fact that your kids will inevitably be affected by your divorce, but mediation can often better ensure a smoother transition. Divorce Angels is here to guide you through the process of finding mediation services along with any other services in Winnipeg that best suits the needs of your family.

Why Choose a Family Mediator

Family mediation is considered a softer alternative to dispute resolution because it gives couples a chance to have a conversation on common ground and to come to an agreement about what is best for their family. A skilled mediator is able to create an environment in which both parties feel open to discuss spousal support, custody, living arranges, division of assets, etc. The mediator won’t speak for either party but will ensure that each side is given an opportunity to speak. Why choose a family mediator instead of a lawyer?


  • Because mediation is voluntary, you can both decide what service is right for you and are free to cancel at any time.
  • Whatever is discussed during mediation is confidential, except if there is a concern over the safety of your kids.
  • The mediation process is usually much quicker than litigation. Depending upon your situation, swift and straightforward mediation can take a number of hours. Litigation tends to be a much more drawn-out process.
  • Parents are able to decide the future of their children’s living arrangements. In a court hearing, the judge will make a ruling.

What to Expect from a Winnipeg Family Mediator

It’s important to remember that mediators aren’t there to give you legal advice. If you feel more comfortable talking to a lawyer before entering the mediation process, feel free to consult our list of family lawyers in Winnipeg. If you and your spouse are willing to speak openly and respectfully, are prepared to listen, and discuss future arrangements amicably, then mediation may be a good option for you.

Is Family Mediation Right for You?

Divorce Angels is here to guide you through the process of finding the right mediator in Winnipeg by providing you with a fully vetted list of professionals in your area. Mediators are neutral and objective third parties who will help you stay focused on what you think is best for your children and meet each other on common ground. Feel free to consult our list of vetted list of family mediation services in Winnipeg.