The last thing you and your spouse want is to create additional stress, anxiety, or hardship on your children as a result of your divorce.  We know you’ll do whatever it takes to minimize the effects for your children. Divorce Angels is pleased to offer you a vetted list of professional family mediation services throughout Vancouver, who have helped families reach successful resolutions in a pragmatic and productive manner. A mediator can help you both reach a divorce settlement that has your children’s best interest at heart. Divorce Angels will guide you through the process of finding the proper mediation services in metro Vancouver that best suit your family’s needs and budgetary restrictions.

Why Choose a Family Mediator?

Family mediation is considered the gentler alternative to dispute resolution because it allows spouses to sit down together and have an honest and open-minded conversation about what their expectations are going forward. A mediator has the skills and expertise to foster a peaceful environment where both parties granted the opportunity to discuss all matters concerning your divorce settlement and agreement.  Your mediator’s role is not to speak on anyone’s behalf; but rather to allow both parties the ability to maintain control of the future of your family. If you’re both willing and able to reach an agreement in a respectful manner, mediation is a much better way to decide what happens to your assets and where your children will live going forward. Why choose a family mediator instead of a lawyer?


  • Mediation is voluntary, which means that you and your spouse have the ability to choose the service that’s right for you.
  • Unless there is a concern over your children’s safety, nothing said during mediation can be used later in court.
  • Expect the mediation process to move much faster than litigation. Generally, mediation is a friendlier process in which both parties are able to reach an amicable agreement faster. Litigation may take over a year to reach a settlement and is much more conflict based.
  • Parents are able to maintain decision making when it comes to their children’s living arrangements. In the case of litigation, a judge makes a ruling.

What to Expect from a Vancouver Family Mediator

Mediators do not provide legal advice, so if you feel you would rather speak with a lawyer about how to proceed with your divorce, feel free to consult our list of family lawyers in Vancouver. If you are prepared and willing to negotiate in good faith, listen, speak rationally, and discuss emotional matters in a civilized manner, then family mediation may be a good approach for you.

Is Family Mediation Right for You?

Divorce Angels is available to guide you through the process of finding the right mediator in Vancouver with our fully vetted list of professionals. Mediators are neutral and objective third parties who will help you stay focused on your goals and meet each other on common ground. Feel free to consult our list of vetted family mediation services in Vancouver.