Your children’s happiness is the most important thing in the world to you and your spouse. You’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your impending divorce doesn’t cause your family an undue stress, anxiety or unhappiness. At Divorce Angels, we have prepared a vetted list of professional family mediation services throughout Ontario, who have helped families reach the next phase of their lives in a civilized and amicable manner. A mediator can help you both calmly reach an agreement about the future financial and living arrangements for you and your kids. No matter where you are in the province, we’ll gladly help you find the mediation services that best suit your family’s needs and budgetary restrictions.

Why Choose a Family Mediator

Family mediation is considered a softer approach to dispute resolution because it allows you both to sit down in a non-confrontational, neutral setting and discuss important matters in front of an impartial third party who lets you do the talking. If you’re both willing and able to reach an agreement in a respectful manner, mediation is a faster and kinder way to deal with the fallout from your divorce. Why choose a family mediator?

  • It’s not mandatory, which gives you both the opportunity to choose your mediator.
  • Nothing that’s discussed during mediation can be used in court unless your mediator is obliged to report issues concerning the safety of your children.
  • It’s a faster process than litigation. While every situation is different, most mediations are relatively quick. Litigation takes much longer and is much more high-conflict. It may take over a year to reach a settlement.
  • It gives you both more control over your children’s future, as opposed to litigation, where a judge will determine custody, child and spousal support in court.

What to Expect from an Ontario Family Mediator

It’s important to understand that mediators aren’t there to give you legal advice, so if you feel more comfortable speaking with a lawyer about your rights, please feel free to consult our list of family lawyers in Ontario. In mediation, you will have the opportunity to determine the best situation possible for your children, which may include: custody arrangements, financial support, division of property, etc. If you both can effectively, fairly, and amicably discuss these topics, we recommend mediation.

Is Family Mediation Right for You?

Divorce Angels has the resources to help you find the right mediator anywhere in Ontario who has helped many couples before you find their own resolutions. Mediators are neutral and objective third parties who will help you stay focused on your objectives and meet each other halfway. If either you or your spouse don’t feel prepared or able to listen to your spouse’s wants and needs, family mediation may not be right for you. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable or safe discussing these matters directly with your partner, ask yourself if mediation is the route you want to take. We encourage you to consult our list of vetted family mediation services in Ontario.