An innovative approach to finding the right help for your divorce

Going through a divorce can feel disheartening, but our extensive network of Family Law Lawyers in Winnipeg can help you through this difficult time by providing you with the legal advice and support that you will need to get through this process effectively and successfully.

Divorce Angels is a personal divorce network that gives you direct access to expert legal representation and a comprehensive selection of support services that help you work through this confusing and emotional process.  With our network, you’re instantly connected to:

  • Expert Family Law Lawyers to help protect your rights and assets
  • Support groups, forums and helpful blogs to learn from and share experiences
  • Social events to get you back “out there”
  • Professional listings for therapeutic, financial and mediation services
  • Extensive services that you may require during your divorce process and thereafter
  • And much more

Divorce Angels wants you to know that it is possible to tackle your divorce in a positive manner and emerge a more confident person, ready for the next chapter in your life!

Our holistic approach to providing support and services can change your perspective on divorce.  We are proud to help the people of Winnipeg ease their uncertainty, tame their stress and manage their lives, to eventually be able to look forward to a bright future.

How does the Divorce Angels method help find better solutions?

Divorce is a difficult process that touches the social, physical, emotional and financial aspects of your life.  Through our vast network of professionals in all areas, we can successfully and easily connect you to the proper legal team for your unique set of circumstances.  We can also put you in touch with the right people and professionals to prepare you financially and emotionally for your post-divorce life.

Legal Methods:

Collaborative Family Law: Settling your case outside of court is always best.  Our list of Collaborative Lawyers can help you negotiate a fair settlement without having to endure the high-conflict, high-stress and high-costs of having to go to court.

Mediation/Arbitration: Skilled negotiators, mediators and arbitrators offer a neutral third-party skill, which is another good alternative to having to go to court.  Check out our site to see if this is the right approach for you.

Litigation: Litigation should be your last resort, and when it is, we can connect you to skilled Litigators who are ready to fight for all you’re entitled to.

Experience holistic healing through Divorce Angels

Divorce is much more than a legal battle.  Part of our innovative method includes connecting Manitobans to a diverse network with all the resource you will need to prepare you and to get through this difficult time.  With our connections, you have instant access to:

  • Professional therapists
  • Financial experts
  • Support groups
  • Social events
  • Special discounts
  • Real Estate professionals
  • Image consultants
  • Match Makers
  • Our unique concierge service
  • Resources
  • And much more

Divorce Angels provides unprecedented access to legal, financial, emotional and personal support for all areas of your life affected by divorce.  If you are in the midst of a divorce or contemplating it as an option, Family Law Lawyers in Winnipeg can help you figure out this process so that you can emerge a more confident person.