Providing You with the Approach You Need

When you feel overwhelmed with the divorce process, or you simply know that you need some help, our network of Family Law Lawyers in Vancouver can assist you in effectively and successfully moving towards a resolution.

Divorce Angels is a personal divorce network and “one stop shop” which connects you to all the resources you need to get through your divorce process from start to finish.  We give you access to:

  • Experienced vetted legal counsel to guide you through your divorce proceedings
  • Communities of people with whom to share your story and experiences
  • Social events in your area
  • Professional listings for services that help you with all aspects of creating your new, stronger self
  • Savings to help reduce the financial toll that divorce takes
  • And much more

If you are going through a divorce, then let our network of trusted and reputable Family Law Lawyers provide you with the legal support and advice that you need.

With our innovative approach, you can emerge from this time feeling happy and confident

Your life is in a state of transition and change.  It can be confusing, uncertain and filled with competing emotions.  It’s natural to worry about your family, your financial future and your emotional well-being.  We’re here to put you in touch with all the support you need to help you come through your divorce with peace of mind, clarity and confidence.

Our innovative approach helps British Columbians who are struggling through separation by reducing your uncertainty through a holistic approach to divorce.  We don’t only deal professionals for your legal case, but rather we attempt to heal the whole person by providing access to a wide scope of professionals.

How does Divorce Angels actually help find a better path through divorce?

Divorce doesn’t have to be quite so scary and lonely.  Let us help you find a more informed path.

  • Collaborative Negotiation: Divorce has come a long way and today, the goal is to stay out of court. By exploring the goals and needs of you and your family, you can come to a fair and agreeable settlement outside of court.
  • Negotiation: If an amicable solution isn’t possible, we can help steer you towards a Lawyer who will tenaciously represent your best interests. The legal experts on our site will provide valuable guidance and skill.
  • Litigation: When your spouse is uncooperative, then litigation must be a last resort. With one of our vetted Greater Vancouver Area professionals, you can find a Litigator who will fight for all that you’re entitled to.

The Divorce Angels: Healing the Whole Person


The pain from divorce runs much deeper than simply the legal scars.  Part of our innovative approach provides you with a network of all the resources you will need to get through this transitional phase and move into your new happiness.  With our all-encompassing network, you’re linked to:

  • Professional Therapists
  • Financial Experts
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Social Events
  • Support Groups
  • Personal Stylists
  • Special Discounts
  • Our Unique Concierge Service
  • Divorce Resources
  • Support Material
  • And much more

At Divorce Angels, you will find peace of mind in our personally selected professionals.  Our list of Family Law Lawyers in Vancouver will help you begin your post-divorce life with a fair settlement and resolution.