When people are going through a tragedy, they not only need a lending ear and a lot of love, they actually need physical strength and “moving power”. “Moving” meaning house contents, home treasures, memories, antiques, etc., but also, moving in the sense of having a wing woman/partner in crime to physically help them in “moving on”.

Having been divorced myself more than once, I experienced firsthand the physical emotions, anguish, weakness and despair being forced to abruptly uproot due to divorce. Divorce often finds a way to consume you, and before you know it your mind and body are not in sync and you’re in a state of paralysis. Though I knew what I had to do, I could not compartmentalize or organize myself to make things happen. I felt like I was floating in space, in a constant state of anxiety and with a dull ache in the pit of my stomach. I was in no shape to make decisions such as purchasing a new dwelling. What would I keep? What would I save? And the biggest question of all being how would I pack up a house full of sacred memories that once were such a big part of my identity.

Once I got myself settled, I decided to expand my reach to helping distraught people going through separation and divorce; forced to pack up and leave their home and security. So many people need help in decision making of what to keep and what to let go. Once you pack up and choose certain pieces of furniture and keepsakes these pieces will make your new house your home. I decided to create a service to help people going through this process – helming to sell vintage and antique items, selecting paint colours and lighting that are key elements that set the mood of your new home as well as helping to purchase new and wonderful pieces of furniture and accessories that will soon be part of your new dwelling and identity.

With empathy, a positive attitude, a loving soul and a gentle heart, my team and I – physically and emotionally, take most of the burden off of you at a time of crisis and despair. We often find that our clients come to get excited about their endeavor as they move onto the next chapter in their life journey.

To find out more about Marsha’s Helping Hands please visit her at https://www.thedivorceangels.com/classified/marshas-helping-hands/

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