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Divorce Angels has partnered with ThisToo to change the way people get divorced.

With a primary focus on uncontested divorce, it’s their mission to remove as much of the complexity and difficulty from the process as possible. Thistoo handles the complicated legal details so you can focus on what is most important.

With Thistoo, you can determine the financial implications of divorce with child and spousal support calculators, quickly and fairly split your assets with an asset division calculator, and even predict how your situation would be resolved in court with a Case Comparison tool.

When you are ready for the legal process, Thistoo will instantly generate a custom separation agreement tailored to your specific situation. When it is time for file the divorce application, all your documents will be generated instantly and they will walk you through the filing process.

Becoming a Thistoo client will also give you access to unlimited support from their Divorce Experts on staff.

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