Over the years, many of you have reached out on the Divorce Angels site and discussed the reasons for contemplating or actually getting your divorce.  Just as no two people are alike, the same can be said about divorce. When two people get married, they obviously aren’t thinking that their marriage will end in divorce.  But as we all know life can get difficult, and partners act differently to stress, conflict, and emotional and physical needs.  

Some of the reasons on this list are not solvable, however some are if two partners still love each other and are willing to work hard to solve their problems.

Our top Reasons why Couples end up in Divorce:

  • Money
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Addictions
  • Lack of Passion
  • Lack of Communication
  • Sexual Incompatibility
  • Abuse
  • Jealousy
  • Grown apart/different interests

Whatever the reasons are for your divorce, Divorce Angels was created to be a helpful resource to empower, connect and inspire women and men who are going through a divorce.  We encourage you to read through our blogs, forums, and find recommended divorce professionals to help get you through your divorce.

We also created a free online chat that is anonymous, and a place where you can feel connected and supported, and talk to people from all over the world about divorce. As well, for a small fee, we have Divorce Lawyers and Therapists who will answer your immediate questions within a few minutes, so that you don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment, or pay high fees to get instant advice.

Divorce Angels is here to help you feel less alone while dealing with your divorce related issues and questions.  Our goal is to provide you with many opportunities to connect with others both personally and professionally and help get you motivated to move past the pain of your divorce, whatever the reason your marriage ended, and look forward to the future.



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