My Divorce was an incredibly emotional and terrifying experience for me.   After 18 years of marriage, I was shocked when my wife told me she wanted out, I really didn’t see it coming.

The fall out of my marriage was a big blow to my ego and sense of self worth. The isolation I felt from my family and friends was so confusing and hurtful.   I quickly realized that I really didn’t have a support network in place — my family and my friend’s were of my wife’s creation and I was longer part of that package.

Learning to cope and to rebuild my life and my own relationships was difficult. The loss of being separated from my children on a daily basis was too hard to bear at times.  In the beginning we all felt like strangers when they stayed with me on their designated weekends.

The truth of the matter was I was learning to live on my own, take care of myself and create a new life for myself. I could barely boil water, let alone do a load of laundry, prepare meals for my children or make a social plan.

Finding a place to express my emotions was key to my survival. I started seeing a therapist at first to help me express, analyze and deal with my emotions then moved on to a life coach to set some goals move forward and not stay stuck in my pain.

I am at a place where I am amicable with my ex, and have an even better relationship with my children then when I was married. I would have never chosen to take this path but looking back I can now see the flaws in my marriage and that we were no longer a team.

Divorce is painful, there is no way around that, but I can finally see that I have the support, desire and potential to feel complete and happy again.

Daniel , 45

2 Responses to “Divorce is a Painful Experience”

  1. Hallie

    Men suffer emotional pain and loss over a divorce or break up but no one
    acknowledges it the way Dan eloquently expressed his feelings. Loving
    partners both woman n MEN too suffer. Thx,Dan for opening this conversation.
    It is important!!!

  2. nicki

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